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By registering in the Fiolight service (referred to as the “Service”), it means that you have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions of Service (referred to as “Terms and Conditions”). You can view the full Terms and Conditions on this page. All new features available on the Service will be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Fiolight reserves the right to make changes at any time. Fiolight recommends that you read these Terms and Conditions periodically to see any changes that Fiolight has made.

Table of Contents:

  • Definition
  • Accounts, Passwords, and Security
  • Purchase Process
  • Delivery process
  • Promo


  1. Fiolight is a brand under PT. Fio Indonesia Kreatif that runs a web portal service business activity www.fiolight.com, which is a site for selling lighting fixtures. 
  2. The Fiolight website is www.fiolight.com.
  3. Terms & conditions is an agreement between the User and Fiolight that contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of users and Fiolight, as well as procedures for using the Fiolight service system.
  4. Users are parties who use Fiolight services, including but not limited to buyers or other parties who just visit the Fiolight Site.
  5. Buyer is a registered User who makes a request for Goods sold by the Fiolight Site.
  6. Goods are objects that are tangible / have physical goods that can be delivered/meet the delivery criteria by the goods delivery service company.
  7. Fiolight Website Feed is a feature on the Fiolight Site that displays KOL promotions of certain Goods.
  8. Key Opinion Leaders or KOL are parties who promote certain Items through the Fiolight Website Feed.

Account, Password, and Security

  1. The user hereby declares that the user is a competent person and is able to bind himself in a legal agreement according to the law.
  2. Fiolight does not charge a registration fee to Users.
  3. Fiolight without prior notification to the User, has the authority to take necessary actions for any alleged violation or violation of the Terms & conditions and/or applicable law, namely actions in the form of moving the Goods to the warehouse, deletion of Goods, store moderation, store closures, cancellation of listings. , account suspension, and/or deletion of user accounts.
  4. Fiolight has the authority to close User accounts, either temporarily or permanently if fraudulent actions are found in transactions and/or violations of Fiolight’s terms and conditions.
  5. Users are prohibited from creating and/or using devices, software, features, and/or other tools that aim to manipulate the Fiolight system.
  6. The User is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password for all activities that occur in the User’s account.
  7. Fiolight will not ask for a username, password, or verification SMS code or OTP code belonging to the User’s account for any reason, therefore Fiolight urges Users not to provide such data or other important data to parties on behalf of Fiolight or other parties whose security cannot be guaranteed.
  8. User hereby declares that Fiolight is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from misuse of User’s account.

Purchase process

  1. Buyers are required to transact through transaction procedures that have been set by Fiolight.
  2. When making a purchase of Goods, the Buyer agrees that:
    • The buyer is responsible for reading, understanding, and agreeing to the information/description of the entire Goods (including but not limited to color, quality, function, etc.) before making an offer or commitment to purchase.
    • The Buyer acknowledges that the actual color of the product as seen on the Fiolight website depends on the Buyer’s computer monitor. Fiolight has made its best efforts to ensure that the colors in photographs displayed on the Fiolight Site appear as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that the color rendition on the Fiolight Site will be accurate.
    • The User enters into a legally binding contract to purchase the Goods when the User purchases an Item.
  3. Regarding the availability of the stock of goods, it can change at any time, so that when the stock is empty, Fiolight will refuse the order, and the payment for the goods in question is returned to the buyer.
  4. Fiolight has full authority to refuse payment without prior notice.
  5. Payment by the Buyer must be made immediately (at the latest within 24 hours) after the Buyer checks out. If within that time limit the payment or payment confirmation has not been made by the buyer, Fiolight has the authority to cancel the transaction. Users are not entitled to submit claims or demands for the cancellation of the transaction.
  6. Buyer agrees not to notify or submit proof of payment and/or payment data to parties other than Fiolight. In the event of a loss due to notification or submission of proof of payment and/or payment data by the Buyer to another party, then this will be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  7. The Buyer understands and agrees that any problems with the delivery of the Goods caused by delays in payment are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  8. The Buyer understands and agrees that the problem of delays in the payment process and additional fees caused by the difference between the bank the Buyer uses and the official Fiolight Account bank is the Buyer’s personal responsibility.
  9. Refunds from Fiolight to Buyers can only be made in the following certain circumstances:
    • Excess payment from the Buyer over the price of the Goods,
    • The problem of delivery of goods has been clearly identified from the goods delivery service which resulted in the goods ordered not arriving,
    • Out of stock, changes in shipping costs, or other causes,
  10. The buyer is required to make a payment with a nominal that corresponds to the amount of the bill along with the unique code (if any) listed on the payment page. Fiolight is not responsible for the losses suffered by the Buyer if they make payments that are not in accordance with the invoice amount stated on the payment page.

Delivery Process

  1. Delivery of Fiolight goods (may be changed at any time) using the courier listed on the website.
    Every provision with the process of delivery of goods is the full authority of the service delivery of goods.
  2. The buyer understands and agrees that any problems that occur in the process of delivering the Goods by the Goods delivery service are the responsibility of the delivery service provider.

Fiolight may at any time hold promotional activities (referred to as “Promotions”) with Terms and Conditions that may differ for each Promo activity. Users are encouraged to read carefully the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion.
Users may only use 1 (one) Fiolight account to participate in each Fiolight promo. If it is found that the creation of more than 1 (one) account by the same 1 (one) User and/or the same mobile number and/or the same address and/or the same customer ID and/or the same payment identity and/or transaction history the same, then the User is not entitled to benefit from the Fiolight promo. 

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